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“Challenges make life interesting; overcoming them makes it meaningful,” said Joshua J. Marine. This sentence deeply resonates with the name of our team, ” 一 枝 獨 鏽 .” Comprising two students fueled by a love for chemistry and English, guided by exceptional teachers, we expect to stand out from the other teams.

  Committed to embracing challenges as opportunities for growth, we eager to enhanceour knowledge of science, and improve speaking skills. Despite prior competition experiences, presenting a study in English is a new and exciting prospect. With enthusiasm, we see it as a chance to learn, innovate, and broaden our horizons. With our passion and dedicated teachers, we embark on this journey, believing that overcoming challenges will add meaningful experience to our life.

We formed a team inspired by our teacher’s encouragement on this competition. Being classmates in both mathematics and English gifted classes has afforded us additional time for collaboration and discussion. Our decision to participate in this competition is grounded in two main motivations.

 First and foremost, our profound passion for both chemistry and English serves as a driving force. As students excelling in both mathematics and English, we have a deep enthusiasm for the realms of science and languages.

 Secondly, we are eager to enhance our public speaking skills through this unique opportunity. While we have engaged in various competitions in the past, this marks our first time presenting our study in English. We aspire to gain valuable experience from this competition, further convey our ability to articulate ideas effectively.

 In summary, our participation in this competition stems from our passion for chemistry and English, our aspiration to refine our public speaking skills.



We are the students of both the mathematics and English gifted classes, which gives us access to more abundant resources. Also, we have complementary personalities between us. One is introverted and reserved, while the other owns creativity and courage.


Because some proper English nouns related to chemistry won’t be used frequently, we need to spend lots of time searching online or asking teachers to confirm.

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