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Peppa pig

隊員:尹萊妠 Laila Erraji、 陳耘萱 Chloe Chen

研究題目:ChillQuest: Water/Ice Cooler Attachment (WICA)

吳春明老師(Left); 尹萊妠(Middle); 陳耘萱(Right)

We are both curious about everything in the world and we always find something fun to play with. We are both responsible and caring because we are both sisters to a pet at home which we love dearly. We are both bilingual and talented in both languages we learn at school including some we learn at home, Arabic and Spanish respectfully. We are playful and active in school activities and we have excellent academic performance. We have a very active social life and we are very caring when we look after strays.

We wanted to combine our independent thoughts with culminating participation to create an individual and an unique and powerful learning opportunity in which students develop and demonstrate science, math, language arts, critical thinking, and communication skills.


  • Cost Efficiency: Using recycled materials means we don’t need to spend money on buying things.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Using kinetic energy instead of fossil fuels means that we can preserve the energy made from fossil fuels. (Eco-friendly)
  • Educational Opportunities: This can raise awareness about the importance of recycling and sustainable consumption.
  • Durability Concerns: Utilizing recycled materials could make the cooler less durable overall. Compared to coolers constructed of conventional materials, it might be more prone to wear and tear, which would make it weaker.
  •  Limited design options: The cooler’s design options may be limited when using recycled materials. This might have an effect on the product’s appearance and usability.

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Great concept, excellent elaboration, and well thought poster

Very impressive and practical ideas!! Keep up the great work! Proud of you all!

Great job 👏🏻

I love your “green” idea, good job. 👍

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