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the Falcons

隊員:曹芷齊 Alina Tsao、陳顥庭 Hao-Ting Chen 、梁宇涵 Jessica Liang

研究題目:Reduction in Mass of Biodegradable Plastic Under Different Temperatures and pH

由左至右:曹芷齊、指導老師Amna Shafa Irfan, 梁宇涵、陳顥庭

What’s up! We are the Falcons, consisting of three highly intriguing friends united for one ultimate goal: to save our home, our sanctuary! 

Alina, who loves dancing and competitive swimming, has been the fire in our group, leading us head first into victory. Jessica’s confident passion for singing and swimming creates the perfect balance of diligence and excitement! Adding the third to the duo, comes Hao-Ting,
born in Taiwan, but living in the United States for most of his life, providing insightful and international perception to our team. Coming from our unique backgrounds, we provide a special perspective on sustainability and innovation. All three of us are extremely passionate for this competition to help our home and sanctuary, please vote for us to make an impact on the environment!

As three 9th grade students, we did not initially begin as a team, instead as great friends. But after meeting at the brief held by our school, we realized our common goals and interests in this prestige competition. The reason we wanted to join this competition is our desire toapply our experimental skills to a cause which greatly matters to us. We have been told many times sustainable development is essential as humans continue to deprive nature of its resources. We wanted to start with replacing the most polluting, unsustainable material in ourworld: plastic. As more research and findings have increased public exposure to biodegradable plastic, we realized a minimal amount of studies covered the best degradation environment of biodegradable plastics in regards to temperature and pH. This motivated us toparticipate in the competition not only to increase the public knowledge and improve the perception of biodegradable plastic, the environment, and sustainability, but also to improve the efficiency of biodegradable plastic so the future generations can live sustainably, without any worry of resource depletion or environmental disasters.



Our biggest advantage is our diversity and the insight this advantage gives us. Compared to other teams, we have a relatively diverse
team with people from different backgrounds. The diverse team we have allows us to look at issues from multiple perspectives, our
experiences as an individual blending to create a unique perspective and approach to environmental sustainability.


One disadvantage of our team is our lack of professional training in regards to experiment conducting and research. Even though we
have done multiple research projects and lab reports in school, it is difficult to compare that with a full scale experiment done by professional scientists. However, as students, our goal remains primarily towards exploring our interests and developing a passion to help make a difference in the world. It is our hope that our passion for sustainability and climate change will inspire change, despite any unprofessionalism our experiments may exhibit to experienced, senior, researchers and scientists.

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