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隊員:William Jen, Summer Hunter, Charlotte Anthea Lloyd

研究題目:Utilizing a Solar Cooker for Water Desalination

From left to right: Summer Hunter, Charlotte Lloyd, William Jen, Jane Lin.

What differentiates our team from the rest is our incredibly strong bond and cooperative abilities. As we are a very close-knitted group, we feel strong connections to one another, leading our own personalities and characteristics to shine when we are together. On top of that, we are able to come up with unique ideas and solutions to any problem we face using our creativity and uniqueness. With us, the atmosphere of our environment becomes lively and energetic, allowing us to feel motivated and the people around us feel our passion and emotion for what we are fervent about. We are passionate about our work, and our motivation leads us to success, allowing us to excel at what we enjoy doing. In general, we don’t let any opportunities to show our abilities slip from our grasp. With our determination and vehemence, we can make a positive change in society.

We came up with our name through a detailed and thorough discussion. We wanted our name to mean something, and we wanted it to symbolize what we believe in. The name “Bio-Buffs” represents our passion for biology and the environment, as we deeply care for our surroundings and making the world a better place. We also used this name to symbolize strength, as we believe that with teamwork, anything is possible. The terms “bio” and “buff” combined help to convey the ideal meaning of our group’s goals – utilizing biology and science to strengthen our society and bring humanity closer to equality.



I think we are a very well-bonded team, and we had a lot of fun working together. Teamwork and cooperation are some of our biggest advantages, along with our combined knowledge of science and our organized and well-planned presentation skills.


Complex physics studies are not our strong point as we are more interested in biology and environmental.

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