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研究題目:PFAS and Human Cancer Cell Lines


This is team Biochemistry Wonderland. We are two girls with a great passion for science. In our daily lives, we often keep track of the latest scientific reports. Besides studying, we visit websites like Science or Nature to stay updated on the newest scientific developments, enhancing our English reading comprehension skills. Recently, while reading scientific journals, we came across a fascinating topic. We delved into related content, read numerous previous papers, brainstormed potential avenues for development, and submitted our findings to this short presentation competition. If given the opportunity, we also plan to conduct experiments to validate our current hypotheses. Through sharing our insights in this competition, we hope to convey our ideas, spark discussions, and collectively contribute to the advancement of science.

Recently, we came across an article on a scientific website discussing PFAS, a class of compounds that is commonly found in daily life, has been associated with a certain degree of promotion of cancer. However, there is still a lack of comprehensive research on the actual impact of these substances on the human body, and the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. After reading relevant articles, we have conceived a set of experiments to investigate the effects of such substances on human physiology. Through this competition, we hope to share our ideas with a wider audience, raising awareness and garnering support to advance research in this field.



Since we are of the same age and share interests in the same field, ourcollaboration is more seamless. In addition, we can foster better understanding and allow for more extended periods of joint discussion.


During the preparation process, there is a need to familiarize ourselves with relevant English professional.

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