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Power of Light

隊員:洪瑜均 Claire、黃云鎣Sarah


左:Teacher Hui-Mei Chang,中:洪瑜均Claire ,右:黃云鎣Sarah

This group is made up of two clever and ambitious people that are extremely interested in science. We like to point out popular science topics and think about how we can improve a problem. Due to our talkativeness, we both join the debate team, so we have gret speaking ability. We believe that we have an advantage in speaking because we have several experiences in public speaking. On top of that, we are close friends, therefore we performed good cooperation when working and presenting our research. When it comes to this
kind of science competitions, we give ourselves high expectations, so we guarantee that we will show our best strength.

At first, our teacher introduced this competition in class, asking if anyone was willing to participate in it. Since we are good friends and both are science lovers, we both are interested in it. In addition to that, there was a science fair coming up in our school where we are preparing for renewable energy. Both of us like to try new things and we aren’t afraid of failing. This is a great chance for us. Later, we talked about it and decided to give it a try.



We are good at science and public speaking.


Our experiment isn’t that complex and accurate due to the weather of the experiment day.

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