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Vicky victory


研究題目:Exploration of Strandbeest locomotion modes


I have a strong interest in scientific research. I have been exploring science-related research since junior high school, and my greatest passion lies in physics and engineering. I am adept at analyzing scientific logic and experimental frameworks. While many people prefer teamwork in the scientific research process, I believe that focusing independently on exploration is more efficient for me. I find that working alone allows me to present my ideas more effectively, and this is also a distinctive aspect of my personality.

My team is Vicky Victory ,formed by the enthusiastic student Vicky and the professional, excellent, and cool teacher Dai-yi, both are passionate about science. Our teacher-student team has been actively engaged in scientific research since junior high school. We’d like to share what we found in Strandbeest movement.

I enjoyed conducting scientific experiments, and by chance, I came across this competition. Although I’ve participated in science exhibition competitions before, presenting content and delivering speeches in English poses a new challenge for me. This competition immediately caught my eyes while my teacher announced it in the class. On one hand, I hope to gain more exposure to science-related competitions, and on the other, I aim to make breakthroughs in this field. Moreover, I hope that my research ideas will be recognized and acknowledged through this competition.



I have undertaken comprehensive and systematic scientific research, participating in relevant competitions, and the preparation process has been well experienced. I have had exposure to practicing speaking skills from foreign instructors. In this environment, I can prepare for this competition with fewer challenges.


There is still room for improvement in my English proficiency. And my ability to face various perspectives is relatively weak.

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