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The Chosen Trio by Heron

隊員:宋其軒 Benjamin Sung、陳宥楷 York Chen、劉宇恆 Henry Liu

研究題目:Revolutionizing Energy Generation: Heron's Fountain for Sustainable Hydroelectricity

從圖片最左邊依序數過去是: 指導老師、陳宥楷、宋其軒、劉宇恆。

“The Chosen Trio by Heron ” is a team of three passionate teenagers. The main goal of our team is to find a way to combine our scientific knowledge to fit the four rules that contribute to the environment(innovative, convenient, eco-friendly, and sustainable). Thus,
we improved our model many times to fit the goals. All the teammates are in international class. We are advanced in English, and we use it almost every day. We are energetic and encouraged to show in front of audiences. We’ve consistently strived to enhance our
understanding and ability in these areas. All the teammates have science exhibition experience. Everyone has their part. For instance, Benjamin is good at analyzing logically and finding problems accurately. York is good at making models and improving the devices
precisely. We gathered our experience, followed subsequently by our instructor. We are confident and ready for the contest.

Three of us are interested in science and physics, and this innovative competition motivates us to be willing to participate in it. This competition provides us with a golden opportunity to discover not only ourselves but also our interests at the same time. First, we started with only York and Henry, and we thought it would be easier to gather and clarify our ideas and create fewer arguments. After we determined to work together, we started brainstorming our topic. After three days of research, I found that the Heron fountain is fantastic and can generate energy if combined with the hydroelectric system. Before we start the next step, Benjamin asks if he can join our group. Benjamin has experience participating in a science fair. At the same time, we thought we needed someone to guide us; hence, Benjamin joined our team. After that, we started to research and lastly came up with these results.


1. Our enthusiasm for science and physics
2. Our outstanding teamwork
3. Our English skills should be better than others at the same age
1. High expectations of our English presenting word choice
2. We didn’t get enough instruction from our instructor
3. We’ve less time to prepare for the final contest since we encounter our first monthly on 11/28 and 11/29.

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