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The Science Forum of the Innovation Skyline

隊員:詹易申 Ethan Chan

研究題目:Water Pollution caused by Erosion from Denitrification and Waterlogged Soil - The Effect of Aeration and CaO

由左到右:左:詹易申Ethan Chan(隊員1) / 右:張惠美(老師)

Hi there! Welcome to “The Science Forum of the Innovation Skyline”! It’s the team that is made up of the most creative member of science, which is me, Ethan Chan. Just like my team name, this is a very distinctive team that will blow your mind out in this competition! In this science forum, my team will bring you a dynamic experience of resolving the environmental issue of water pollution led by erosion. This the start of the journey, where curiosity leads us to further exploration and discovery on the origin of the issue and how we resolve it! In this competition, “The Science Forum of the Innovation Skyline” will also surely reveal the potential to ignite new ideas in solving environmental problems! For being someone who likes to have communications, I’m also extremely eager to spark discussion on the day of the conference!

I’m Ethan Chan, and here I will introduce myself! In school, I always maintain a great academic performance for many different major subjects. Especially subjects belonging to STEM! Since elementary school, I have always enjoyed classes and experiments in chemistry and biology! Moreover, computer science and programming are also something I have been interested in and learning for a long time. However, besides just studying, as the captain for two different junior high school varsity teams, I am also quite athletic. Being able to organize and encourage people, I believe that I have a great advantage and ability in leadership. In addition, I am also confident in my oral presentation skills. By attending speech courses and debate teams, I believe that I have the ability to express my thoughts clearly and confidently on stage; and also, being able to communicate with people. Last but not least, more importantly, I’m not afraid of frustration, I will always look up and believe in the best of myself! No matter the skills or backgrounds, I’ll be confident!

“The Science Forum of the Innovation Skyline” as the team of creativity, we are looking forward to the day of the finals!



I believe in my team that I have the advantage of being able to give an English oral presentation confidently on


I believe that my team has the disadvantage of not being able to have a partner to discuss and share ideas with.
With a teammate, I would be able to broaden my vision and discover other perspectives of approaching the topic.

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