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Crystal Aqua

隊員:劉宇軒 Ethan Liu、陳宗疄 Daniel

研究題目:Solar Water Purifier through condensation and evaporation

左邊為指導老師 Hui-Mei Chang ;中間為參賽學生Ethan Liu ;右邊為參賽學生Daniel Chen

We, Ethan and Daniel, are a pair of ninth graders that always overcome challenges. We wanted to make some changes to our Earth, when I said that, I mean good changes. A good way we can think of is by purifying the contaminated or another word, dirty water in our earth. This can save millions and millions of lives, and so we make one step forward
toward our dream! When men were young we often had a dream of becoming a superhero that fights the bad guys and saves the beautiful princes, however when others had already forgotten their first ever dream. We showed our differences, we did not forget. By doing this project we can make our dream happen! In fact, we realized we do not have the superpower like spider man or iron man, but there are still other ways that we can do to save the people that are suffering in this world. Isn’t that the same as what superheroes do? So, in this project, our team “Crystal Aqua”is making some good changes that can clean the dirty water on Earth with a minimum amount of waste. So let’s join on this journey of innovation and eco-friendly thinking.

We first got our insight into this competition in the school’s MUN class. We found it sounds interesting, so I went to my bro Daniel. And ask if he wants to pair up with me, we’ve done so many projects together already and all of them are doing pretty well, plus we know each other well. Same as this time, we are both interested in science related stuff and recently after our trip to Bali Island, we found many places were being polluted by human waste. Thus we started to focus on the sustainability issue around the world.



We’re Ethan and Daniel, the unstoppable duo from “Crystal Aqua.” Public speaking? Nailed it. Formal competition jitters? Nope, not us. We thrive in the spotlight. Why? Because giving up is just not in our vocab. We’re the kind of team thattakes challenges head-on and keeps pushing until we see results.


We might add in way too much energy in our presentation and somehow mislead the audiences. Moreover since our
project requires the assistance of sunlight and the time we started to do this model is the middle of October. We could barely find enough sunlight to allow our models to work properly. But thank god, during the last week of October the sun
appeared again.

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